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FMCommander™ now contains the minimum class separations for the C4 class. Visit the FMCommander web page.

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High resolution 2011 NLCD Land Cover data… 






TVStudy Mapper Software

TVStudy Mapper

Easily visualize TVStudy results on high quality interactive maps.






Official U.S. Census Estimates and the latest 2016 Canadian Census

AM Revitalization AM-Pro software

FCC TVStudy Windows Implementation

TVStudy for Windows is V-Soft Communications’ latest program that combines the FCC’s program for determining interference between TV Stations with an easy to use Windows launching vehicle.  The basic TVStudy program was developed by the FCC for assigning channels during the repacking process and for vetting TV applications that are filed after the auction process. Unfortunately, the original TVStudy program runs only on Linux or Mac computer.  What we have done is to made it possible to to run the program on a Windows computer.  We’ve also vastly simplified the download and install process.  By providing the program and all its data on a flash drive, we have saved hours of downloading, joining files together, decompressing, getting all the files into the right place, and figuring out how to handle the programs various dependencies. For more information on what you get please click the TVStudy link.

Probe 4 - RF Signal Propagation Prediction SoftwareProbe 4™ – Professional level RF propagation modeling, DTV/TV, communications systems coverage and FM broadcast coverage and interference analysis. Produces spectacular “atlas” type maps. Integrates a high resolution population databases with state-of the-art polygon mapping. Features Longley-Rice, Okamura-Hata, Cost-Hata, PTP #1 & #2, Line of sight, ITU, and standard FCC. Comes with the current FCC broadcast station databases, full polygon mapping, land cover and census databases.

FM Radio Allocation SoftwareFMCommander™ – Combines detailed service and interference FCC FM contour color mapping with minimum spacings and contour-to-contour frequency searching in one integrated package.   Find new ways to upgrade your station or to move its transmitter site under short space.  Integrates FCC data, census data, terrain data, tower, airport, AM stations, railroads, rivers, major highways, city boundaries, county boundaries and lakes and oceans into one complete FM channel search package. Our latest version of this program contains the proposed  FM class C4 separations.

AM Radio Allocation and Coverage Software - Groundwave and SkywaveAM-Pro 2™ – Calculates and plots standard and grid-based AM coverage and interference based on the FCC AM rules. AM-Pro also performs AM ground-wave and automated sky-wave RSS allocation studies and it creates detailed allocation maps with polygon shaping. AM-Pro is is used daily by the FCC.

Microwave-Pro 2 is now using the NSMA methodology. This software program is our new, top-of-the-line, microwave frequency allocations and path analysis program Microwave Pro 2 - ULS Based Microwave Interference Softwarefor the broadcast auxiliary services, Part 101, COALS and CARS projects. Produces PCN mailing list to complete your studies. The new version adds bi-directional channel analysis and contains a new point search tool to identify microwave paths in the vicinity of wind farms or other large blocking structures.

Broadcast Technical Consulting

Our sister company, Doug Vernier Telecommunications Consultants (DVT) provides full-service broadcast technical consulting including preparing applications to the FCC for AM, FM,TV, translators, STLs and other broadcast auxiliaries. DVT also prepares custom Longley-Rice and FCC coverage maps, interference analysis studies, population and demographic studies and frequency searches. Email consulting@V-Soft.com.

ZipSignal Users:

Our free, upgraded, on-line Zip Code/Call Sign Database now contains Canadian and Mexican stations heard in the U.S. This database retrieval program is cross-referenced with the AM and FM Station Signal Strengths for the entire US. Fresh data as of October 1, 2018.

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