AM-Pro 2

AM Mapping and Frequency Search Program

AM-Pro 2 - AM Allocations and Coverage Mapping SoftwareAM Day and AM Night Allocations Software

An AM Channel Allocations Program and a Complete AM Mapping Program in One! AM-Pro 2 has been selected by the FCC and Industry Canada to be their primary, in-house, AM allocations Program.

AM-Pro 2 is the on the cutting edge of AM software for the broadcast industry. This program is designed to perform all the studies required of the spectrum designer in working with AM standard band broadcast coverage and allocations. AM-Pro is configured to apply the M3 ground conductivity curves or the R2 depending on where the study is carried out. The program will plot both ground-wave and sky-wave signal contours as well as perform RSS studies to determine the level of interference a given station receives and therefore its nighttime coverage limits in mV/m. AM-Pro implements an automatic sky-wave coverage analysis routine that operates according to a set of easy programmable rules.

We have designed AM-Pro to be a “user friendly” intuitive AM mapping and allocations tool. For example, to start a daytime allocation study, simply enter the reference station’s operating parameters or access the FCC’s AM database to use an existing station as the station to be studied. That’s all there is to it. AM-Pro will then consider the protected and interference signal contours of the reference station and it then searches the database to identify all stations of concern.  Once the stations are identified and listed on your screen the coverage contours will also be mapped. A tabular listing of all stations having a distance and channel relationship can be directed to your printer. The user can use the zoom feature to adjust the map scale or to move the center.

The signal contour of the stations causing interference will be shown in red while the stations receiving interference will be shown in green. (These colors are user selectable.) AM-Pro has check boxes for toggling on or off co-channel, 1st adjacent, 2nd and 3rd adjacent channel relationships. The user can choose to label allocation study signal contours or leave the contours unlabeled. Contours for individual stations shown in the listing can be toggled on or off instantly, without recompiling the study, by clicking the check box which precedes each station entry.  Clicking a listing will bring up the parameters box for the station selected allowing the user to change the station’s operating parameters if desired. Also stations can be added to the list selection simply by clicking the “Add” button.

AM-Pro's Transmitter Parameter Editing Screen

The editing screen allows the user to view a given station’s theoretical, standard and augmented pattern. Here the user can enter calculated augmentations and measured conductivity values.  The AM pattern can be edited by changing any of the tower array’s parameters such as field ratio, phase, spacing, height and orientation. Towers can be added to or removed from a given array.

AM-Pro's "Measured Conductivity" Screen

Conductivity values taken from actual measurements can be easily added to change a given station’s predicted signal along various azimuths.  In the example shown above the M3 curve is altered to reflect measured data along the 68 degree radial.

AM-Pro's Database Query Screen

Finding a station from the FCC’s database is as simple as typing in a few letters of the desired station call, or the city of license or file number.  AM-Pro will identify any matches to the input search string. For all matches the station’s basic operating parameters will be displayed.

AM Coverage Map

AM-Pro’s coverage maps are spectacular.  Nearly every drawn line, background, solid polygon or displayed text line can be altered in thickness, color, font and appearance to suit the user’s ideal. Implementing true WYSIWYG,  maps will print out identically to that shown on your screen.  A suite of editing tools allow the addition or control of text. Maps can be produced to the street level. Use the population calculation routine to calculate the population within a given station’s signal contour from the year 2010 census.

Click on any of the thumbnails below to see the entire map:

Grid Based AM Coverage Map

Grid Based AM Coverage Map

Street Level Map

Street Level Map

Standard Coverage Map

Standard Coverage Map

Day-time Allocation Map in Florida

Day-time Allocation Map in Florida

For more AM-Pro maps visit our AM Maps Gallery

AM-Pro will produce a text listing of distances to signal contours detailing the radiation in mV/m at 1 kilometer and the distance to the selected signal contour. Though AM-Pro is designed to be a stand alone program you can produce distance to contour plotting files for importation into compatible programs.

The user can also produce a complete table of ground conductivity and show changes along the cardinal radials.

M3 or R2 conductivity contours can also be plotted over a map to document their locations
The screen below shows an RSS study for station KRNI, Mason City, Iowa:

AM nighttime RSS study screen

AM nighttime RSS study screen

The rules by which AM-Pro operates to perform an RSS study can set by the user.

AM-Pro features a powerful interactive pattern editor for constructing and editing directional antenna systems.  Simply adjust one of the sliders to see the pattern change instantly to your adjustment. If the program detects interference the pattern editor will show the location.  (See the red plus marks in the graphic below, each one represents an out-of-limit point.)

AM Interactive Pattern Editor

AM Interactive Pattern Editor

AM-Pro is truly on the “cutting edge” of AM broadcast propagation software today.  In one package you get high quality coverage mapping capabilities and in depth allocations searching capabilities.

Click here to see a partial list of the new upgrade features of AM-Pro 2.

Visit our AM-Pro ground-wave page or sky-wave page.

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