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AM-Pro Daytime Allocation Study

The map below shows station KWOF, Waterloo, Iowa and its relationships with co and adjacent channels.  The user can select the display of co-channel contour relationships, or any of the adjacent channel relationships with the click of the mouse.  Note that based purely on the M3 ground-conductivity the station, using its current operating parameters,  receives and causes interference to KNUJ, New Elm, Minnesota and it receives interference from WCPT, Crystal Lake, Illinois. (It is likely that one or more of these stations were measured to derive new less restrictive ground conductivity values.)

The tabular screen shown below gives the user the flexibility to show the various co and adjacent channel relationships, change the colors, or delete a station from the map.

The user can also change the signal contour relationships from the default assignments for any relationship:

The printout below shows the reference station’s channel relationships with all those stations plotted on the day allocation map shown above.

The report shown below is of a portion of the ground wave radiation limits of the reference station (KWOF.)

The interactive pattern editor allows the user to adjust any of the pattern’s parameters with the slide bars.  Contour overlap is shown as the red plus marks within the pattern graphic.  The green plus marks indicate acceptable contour relationships. If the user places the mouse cursor over any of the marks the program then displays a “tool-tip” of the station’s call letters and azimuth and Theta value.

This is a tool-tip that is displayed when the cursor is held over one of the red plus marks.

Print a plot of your pattern to a printer or make a PDF.

Produce a distance to signal contour and radiation at one kilometer table.

Produce a multiple distance to contour report for the reference station or any of the stations in the database.

Change the map projection used for coverage or interference analysis:

Change any feature on the map to your liking:

Produce a Population Report with racial and county breakdowns:

Produce a Ground Conductivity Report:

Add Measured conductivity:

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