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NOTICE:  As of 2018 the SunDTV service has been taken offline.  New FCC DTV studies should be run using the FCC’s new TVStudy software.



On-line DTV analysis using the original FCC OET 69 code

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V-Soft Communications has acquired the FCC’s own DTV analysis program. Initially, we implemented this program on a PC but, on occasion, due to processor rounding error, we could not get the same answers the FCC got. Consequently, we acquired a Sun Sparc work station… the same computer used by the FCC. We use this machine to run the FCC’s programs in total and this includes the hard-to-obtain TV/DTV database processing program.

To access our Sparc computer remotely you need access to the Internet and our free front-end Windows software which we will email to you. Copy this front-end  program to your computer and you are on your way. You need only to type in the DTV reference station’s parameters, determine the FCC’s multiple ID number by using the program to perform a search of the database on our web site, select whether its a standard study, whether you want to consider applications, whether its a maximization study or a channel move. Once you submit this information to our computer the Sparc, the FCC’s program will take over, process a full report and email you when its ready. You then click on the link we provide in the email and your report can be downloaded from the web site. We recommend that you use Microsoft Word or an equal word processor that will retain paragraph formatting when you print it out. The reports can vary from several pages long to 30 or 40 pages.

We update the special FCC TV/DTV database daily so you will always have the latest information.

The price for a complete DTV OET 69 analysis run is $150.  If you are a Probe licensed user, signed up for technical support, each study is discounted b y$50.

As an introductory offer, we will give each new user a free study.  To activate your on-line account, please sign up on-line, email us, or call our toll free WATS line 800-743-3684.

For a price quote or more information on any of V-Soft Communications' software products please contact us by email or call (319) 266-8402 or (800) 743-3684.
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