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Pattern Workshop

Pattern Workshop’s Antenna Combiner

PatternPattern Workshop’s new combiner allows you to build composite patterns using various model antenna patterns.  Shown above are three Scala CA5-150 C antennas, oriented at zero, 50 and 130 degrees True.  The resulting composite pattern provides some protection at 90 degrees and along the back from 160 to about 310 degrees. The program will automatically calculate system gain and ERP with a known TPO or it will calculate TPO with a known ERP. Patterns can be edited directly from the antenna field value’s chart while having full view of the impact of changing one of the variables on the all the others. Patterns can be edited by changing a value in the tables, by dragging and dropping a point on the azimuth graph or by rotated using just the mouse to move the pattern to a different azimuth orientation. Using the “Polarization” mode, Pattern Workshop will allow the combination of a station’s vertical azimuth with its horizontal pattern to form the composite pattern. Each of the horizontal, vertical and composite patterns can be individually printed on a great looking azimuth chart.  Field values can be printed to numerous user selected tables.  As per FCC requirements, any portions of patterns having values under ten percent of the maximum will be broken out and displayed on the same azimuth chart but these pattern values will be printed on a 0 to .1 maximum scale.

Sample azimuth pattern printout: (Acrobat PDF)

Pattern Workshop’s Editor

EditorThe many set-up screens give full access to the pattern Workshop’s defaults.

menupreferencesThe pattern editor, shown above, will automatically link with V-Soft Communications Probe program when the proper DLL is on the system. So when the Probe user brings up the antenna pattern editor, the more versatile Pattern Workshop editor will be displayed.  Contact V-Soft Communications’ staff for further information.

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