TVStudy Mapper

TVStudy Mapper

The TVStudy Mapper program gives you the ability to easily create high-quality maps that show the output generated by the FCC’s TVStudy software. Highly configurable maps are displayed in a page style, “What you see, is what you get”, editor where labels and other information can be conveniently added. Coverage and interference data for individual scenarios can also be displayed. The program will load the output of all scenarios contained in a “TV Interference Check” study as an “Outgoing Interference” study. TVStudy Mapper will automatically import and map protected contours and transmitter locations from data that is produced by TVStudy and it works with standard configuration DTV stations and DTS systems.

Interactive tools allow you to identify precisely where interference cells are located, making it easier to develop a protective antenna pattern. These cells can be examined graphically to calculate population, so that you can determine which transmitters are causing interference and the margin of interference at any location on the map.

This stand alone program does not perform any signal or interference calculations, it uses the output files generated by the FCC’s TVStudy program.  V-Soft Communications also offers a Windows version of the FCC’s TVStudy software.

TVStudy Mapper is available now at the introductory price of $950.

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