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AM-Pro Night Allocation

An AM-Pro nighttime skywave study is shown below.  First, the program acquires all station records from the FCC database that the reference station may influence.  The user may then remove records that need not be considered such as applications, rule makings, or certain foreign stations. The list can be sorted by call, frequency, city, state, DA operation, and power by clicking one of the headings above each column.

Once the final list of stations to be considered has been obtained, the program will the perform an automatic night-time allocation study listing the protections.  The night allocation study shows all protection considered sorted by how close the protection is to being violated (negative margins in ‘red’ indicate a violation).

Individual settings for any of the protections can be examined and modified.  Here is the RSS single station protection for WKNR.L (Licensed facility):

The user can establish the nature of the processing which affects the automatic RSS inclusion of certain stations by setting the RSS default values.

The user can create a report of the RSS calculations for any protections considered in the study:

When a Night-Allocation Study is completed the user can select either a radiation limits report, where the permissible radiation on pertinent azimuths is shown toward each station or a Nighttime Allocations Protections study where the permissible, current and margin radiation in mV/m toward each of the relevant stations included in the study.

The will also print out a complete “protections” report.  This report shows some RSS protected stations:

Here a station that is protected at points on its 0.5 mV/m skywave contour is shown:

More Night-time Features

The program can generate a report showing the sky-wave field strength at various distances along a specified radio.  Select a Sky-wave Propagation Report using any of the six available methods:

The report below resulted from the settings used above. The reference station was KRNI, Mason City, Iowa.

AM-Pro makes it easy to design a multi-tower array with its extensive pattern editor.  Use the sliders to adjust any of the towers’ DA parameters. If skywave or pertinent groundwave contour overlap is noted the program will light a red colored pixel within the antenna pattern box. The user can click any of the colored pixels to identify the station to which the overlap is caused. You can view a graph of the radiation at user selected departure angles.

The user can also select an option to perform a Night Allocation Study using AM Daytime Rules:

AM-Pro will also calculate and draw sky wave signal contours using the program’s extensive mapping capabilities.

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