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Antenna Pattern Editor

Click here for a YouTube Video on FM directional pattern design

You can edit an FMCommander™ pattern simply by dragging a point on the graph to a new location. This action simultaneously displays the altered field values in the tabular display. The red pixels shown above indicate contour overlap with another station.  The user can hold the cursor over an overlapped point to identify the station and to determine the amount of overlap in kilometers. You can work interactively using drag and drop in units of relative field, dBk or power in kW.  The pattern can be rotated using the “Rotate” button or by dragging the pattern graphic with your mouse.  You can check the pattern’s 2-dB-per-ten-degree uniformity, using the “Check for 2dB” menu item. If you move a field value point so that it exceeds the FCC’s requirements, the pattern editor immediately flags you with a warning message. The “Update Map Continuously” menu item on the “Find Information Screen” causes an allocation interference contour map to be updated immediately as you change the pattern values, so you can immediately see the change to contours that the alteration causes.

Automatic Pattern Design

One of the valuable new features of the pattern editor is its ability to automatically develop an antenna pattern that fully protects all stations having a frequency and distance relationship.  This procedure can be applied to any reference station with the click the mouse.

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