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FMCommander – Canadian Version

FMCommander™ Canadian Version

CanadaThe Canadian version of FMCommander uses the spacing tables from C 1.4 of the “Industry Canada Application and Procedures and Rules for FM Broadcasting Undertakings”. Contour-to-contour spacings are evaluated to 800 KHz to provide tables and distance to contour allocation maps.  All stations are protected to the 54 dBu F(50-50) signal contour except for cross-border relationships when Class C U.S. stations are protected to the 58 dBu contour.

The Canadian version includes the same distance to contour and Minimum spacings map screens as the U.S. version.

FindStationInteractive Minimum Spacings Map

SeparationsFMCommander_Canada uses the Industry Canada FM database and includes all directional patterns.  The user can select to use the Industry Canada database for Canadian and USA records or the U.S. FCC database for U.S. stations and the Industry Canada database for all Canadian stations.  The program includes a powerful antenna pattern design screen that allows the user to simply drag a pattern point with the mouse to change the pattern.  The Pattern editor will also automatically design a complete draft pattern that protects all required stations.

ReferenceFMCommander Canada will also consider contour-to-contour relationships for domestic and cross-border relationships. The screen below shows a contour-to-contour table.

ContourThe reference station’s relationship with U.S. station WBDB is shown graphically below.  The black contour lines are protected and the red contour lines are the F(50-10) interfering contours.


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