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Terrain-3D Applications


Microwave Path Analysis:

For TV stations T-3D is a perfect way to model those ENG shots before your reporters start to transmit. For radio stations model the S.T.L. paths from your studio to transmitter. Visualize your microwave path including the tower supports on each end and the Fresnel clearance. Change the support heights, earth curvature from true earth to 4/3 earth  or change the frequency and watch what happens. As you rotate the model, you can clearly see the hills and canyons that affect your signal. Another part of the program calculates and provides reports on path routing, pathloss and fade margins. Simultaneously, with the display of its 3D maps, T-3D also provides polygon (maps objects have shapes) mapping for spectacular 2D maps . Together the 2 and 3D maps give you the clearest picture available of your path environment. Built-in routing gives the user the ability to plot multiple paths with towers and fresnel zones on both the 2 and 3D maps as well.

Multiple STL paths at San Francisco

2D Routing Map

Let’s not forget T3D’s ability to plot 2D path profiles showing terrain under earth curvature of any microwave path.

Terrain-3D 2D path profile

Longley-Rice Broadcast Coverage Analysis:

T3D will also superimpose DTV, TV, LPTV and FM Longley-Rice signal contours over dimensional terrain helping you to better visualize why and how your coverage is affected by geography. T3D overlays include highways and roads, cities and city boundaries, communication towers and US population.  Use the scale control to zoom the map to fit the screen to your liking. Select solid or wire-frame terrain presentation.

3D Coverage Plotting

T3D is packaged with a 200 megabyte US population database that allows you to superimpose population data in the form of clusters maps. Display population based on population density or sheer numbers.

Population Density Map

Locate and Plot the Location of Communications Towers.

Map Showing Towers over Population by Numbers

The maps we have shown above are primarily of the San Francisco area. T-3D will provide coverage analysis anywhere in the U.S. including Alaska, Hawaii, Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands using our 03 second terrain elevation databases.

Our SRTM 3-arc second or World Elevation 30 arc-second terrain database allow Terrain-3D to be used anywhere in the world.

T-3D abilities go far beyond what we have time and space to show you on these pages. For more information call or email our offices today.

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