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Census Databases

Census Databases

A number of census database are available for use with V-Soft software.

For USA:

      2020 Official US Census Data, PL 94-171 dataset *** (see below.)

2019 U.S. Census estimates (Official U.S. Census)

2010 Official U.S. Census Data – Source: Public Law Files ,Population & Housing

2000 U.S. Census Data- PL-94-171 and SF1

1990 U.S. Census Data – PL-94-171

2000 U.S. Island Area, US Virgin Islands (VI), Guam (GU), American Samoa (AS), and Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana (MP).

For Canada:

2011 High Resolution Canadian Census

2016 High Resolution Dissemination Block Level Canadian Census

For Mexico:

2011 Mexico Population Data


World 1 km Grid Based Population Database

2020 – PL 94-171 data base and 2010 SFI Census

Methodology:  In determining the location of the 60 dBu service contour for the 2020 population release, we typically use the highest resolution terrain elevation database available for such studies. (FCC 30 meter).  This is the resolution commonly used by the FCC and consulting engineers across the U.S.  Our, procedure for the 2010 Census examines the U.S. Census Bureau’s, “Summary File #1” (SF1) database release. The algorithm for acquiring elevation at a set of coordinates uses the required accuracy of the 4-point interpolation procedure. [1]

[1] Each census block centroid point has a certain number of people associated with it.  Using our computer software, we look at every centroid as to whether it lies inside the contour or outside. If the geographic coordinates of a centroid are determined to be within the service contour, then the population for that block is added to the total or if it is outside, it is ignored.

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