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Longley-Rice Propagation Software – Probe 5

Probe 5 – Longley-Rice Propagation Software Solution

Probe 5 is the professional Longley-Rice propagation model calculation engine and mapping solution for Microsoft Windows.

Fast Longley-Rice Calculations

Probe 5 takes advantage of all of your processing cores to provide high speed calculation of Longley-Rice field strength values using high resolution grids and large coverage areas.  Complex interference scenarios can be easily and quickly calculated.

Superior Longley-Rice Presentation

The what-you-see-is-what-you-get display engine allows the user to work with high quality interactive maps on a page style display.  Show coverage for a single station or hundreds of stations on one map.  Configurable field strength cutoffs and colors give the user endless presentation options.  High quality mapping is build directly into the program.

High Definition Terrain Data

Terrain is at the heart of Longley-Rice field strength calculations.  V-Soft offers several high quality and fast loading terrain datasets for performing calculations.

Outstanding Software Support

Professional engineers need a solution that’s reliably working for them at all times.  V-Soft technical support strives to be the best in the industry.

Visit the main Probe 5 software page for more information about this software program.

What is the Longley-Rice Model?

The Irregular Terrain Model (ITM), also known as the “Longley-Rice” model (named for Anita Longley & Phil Rice, 1968), is a model of radio propagation for frequencies between 20 MHz and 20 GHz.  It is a general purpose model that can be applied to a large variety of engineering problems. The model, which is based on electromagnetic theory and on statistical analyses of both terrain features and radio measurements, predicts the median attenuation of a radio signal as a function of distance and the variability of the signal in time and in space.

General Input into the model consists of:

  • Distance between the two terminals.
  • Antenna structural heights.
  • Minimum monthly mean surface refractivity, measured in N-units
  • The earth’s effective curvature, measured in units of reciprocal length
  • Surface transfer impedance of the ground
  • Radio climate; expressed qualitatively as one of a number of discrete
    climate types.

Looking for more?

Visit the main Probe 5 software page for more information about this software program.

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