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AM-Pro Version 2.6.  This newest version of AM-Pro calculates and plots both standard and grid-based AM coverage and interference based on the FCC AM rules. AM-Pro also performs AM ground-wave and automated sky-wave RSS allocation studies and it creates detailed allocation maps with polygon shaping.   
Conductivity Version 1.09.  A program to organize and graph AM field strength measurements and to calculate ground conductivity along selected radials. The program will match field readings to the proper ground conductivity curves and display the pattern of a station based on its measured radials.
Contour Version 3.2 Create numerous distances-to-contour tables for FCC applications. Plot files and more. Calculate depression angles and terrain roughness. Uses standard FCC or the FCC PTP or point-to-point fresnel methods. 
FM Commander Version 7.1 for FM allocations work combines terrain impacted contour-to-contour and minimum separations mapping and tabular presentations with high quality coverage mapping and text print-outs.  It includes a specialized interactive FCC minimum separations map. This program integrates FCC data, census data, terrain data, tower, airport, AM stations, major highways, city and county boundaries and lakes and oceans into one complete FM channel search and mapping package. Upgrade your station or move its transmitter site under short space.
InterMod InterModTM  is designed to perform detailed inter-modulation analysis both at a specific site and globally across your station’s coverage area. It includes an advanced mapping capability to identify inter-modulation issues within a station’s coverage area. Print out detailed maps and text reports of areas where inter-modulation products are predicted to exist.  Check out our on line manual.
IDSeries Version 2.3. This series of programs performs a search of the Transportation Department’s Airport Database, the FCC’s Tower and NOAA Obstruction databases, the Census population databases, the USGS’s database of 32,000 cities, and the FCC AM, FM and TV databases.
Microwave Pro 2  Version 2.0. Now includes the NSMA OH Loss model and many powerful new features and updates. Microwave-Pro 2 performs frequency searches for the part 101 and the broadcast auxiliaries frequencies. This program calculates C/I ratios that consider terrain obstructions,  plots terrain profiles of all protected and interfering paths, provides a map showing the geometry of protected and interfering paths. Microwave Pro2, provides all elements for prior coordination mailings to affected licenses. The program is ideal for all microwave frequency allocation and path analysis work. 
Version 1.07.  Create professional looking directional antenna azimuth graphs and tables for FCC submissions. This program contains an antenna combiner that allows combining the patterns of antennae oriented at various azimuths and polarity. The program contains a multi-functional pattern editor that allows point and click editing, rotation controlled by your mouse and many other features.
PlotPath Version 2.2. This program calculates the path loss, available signal and fade margin of a given radio system at the user’s frequency and instantly plots the path using Earth curvature over a distance versus terrain elevation graph.

Probe 5


This new 64 bit version 5.0 uses multi-core processors for fast and accurate, professional level, RF propagation modeling, DTV/TV, communications systems and FM interference analysis. Produces spectacular “atlas” type maps. Integrates a high resolutions block level population database with state-of the-art polygon mapping. Much of the program has been re-written to be more powerful, friendly and fast. Includes Longley-Rice, Okamura-Hata, Cost-Hata, PTP #1 & #2, Line of sight, ITU, standard FCC methods and more.
RFHaz 3 New version 3.1 Predict your station’s RF environmental compliance for multiple antennas using the FCC’s OET #65 standards. Quickly calculate, graph and print out non-ionizing radiation levels found near FM and TV transmitting antennas for various powers, antenna types, heights and distances from the radiator.  A module is included for calculating communication antenna emission levels.
SearchFM Version 6.3. The ideal tool for FM professional broadcast allocations work, this program is bursting with useful features which include the ability to instantly display graphics and tabular FCC minimum spacings representations of any FM channel. Includes the new LPFM tables!
SearchTV Version 3.0.  This program will perform DTV, NTSC, LPTV and Class A LPTV channel allocation searches using FCC methods. Integrates terrain elevation databases and contour-to-contour and spacings mapping. 
Terrain-3D Version 1.3.  Uses OpenGL 3D graphics technology to model radio signals from 20 to 20,000 MHz over a true-to-life 3-D terrain graphic. Longley-Rice, FCC Shadow and PTP. Add population density and tower overlays. Model STL routes in 3D. Rotate your view in 3-D with your mouse.
Terrain Databases Shuttle Radar Topography (SRTM) 3 arc-second resolution terrain database for anywhere in the world. All locations are available.  30 meter and 3 arc-second National Elevation Datum (NED) terrain elevation database for the U.S. 3-arc second U.S.G.S terrain data, 30 arc-second NGDC terrain data for the U.S., Canada and the Caribbean.
TVStudy V-Soft’s implementation of the FCC’s “TVStudy” software that runs on Microsoft Windows and is used to calculate interference caused to television stations using the FCC’s OET 69 methodology.
TVStudy Mapper TVStudy Mapper program gives you the ability to easily create high-quality maps that show the output generated by the FCC’s TVStudy software. 
VTower Version 1.4. VTower is our FCC tower database search program. Find all towers and their registration numbers within a given distance.. and more!
XField Version 2.0. For the calculation of adjacent-channel FM translator interference and for calculating and determining the locations of HD IBOC host interference when separate antennas are used.



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