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ContourIntroduction to CONTOUR™

CONTOUR™ is a computer program for the PC that specializes in the creation of distance to contour tables for submission to the Federal Communications Commission. This program computes terrain roughness, calculates FCC and PTP distance to contour tables, graphs and truncates radials, prints profile graphs, and calculates depression angles, electrical, and mechanical beam tilt.

Click one of the following links to see a PDF version of the various CONTOUR printouts:

Profile        Standard Distance to Contour     Multiple Contour Table     Beam Tilted TV Distance to Contour Table

CONTOUR will also write output to a disk file. The screen capture below is one of the numerous formatted CONTOUR printouts. Notepad was used as the capturing program.

Click the  following help file links to reveal CONTOUR’s numerous capabilities

Depression Angle Printout

Contour OutputContour

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