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InterMod™ is designed to perform detailed inter-modulation analysis at a specific site or globally within a station’s coverage area.

Standard Intermodulation Study

intermod_channel_Hit_PicThe standard inter-modulation study allows the user to enter any number of transmitters to be considered at a given location. The FM and TV databases can be searched to locate facilities that are near the defined location. The receive frequencies to be protected at the site can also be identified. Once these inputs are defined the program will compute all possible inter-modulation products (up to a maximum ‘order’ specified by the user) and display the results in a table and in graphical form.

Frequencies that fall in the user defined “hit zones” (protected receive frequencies) are highlighted in the table by being shown in red so they can be easily identified. The graph at the top of the results can be interactively zoomed and moved to view a desired part of the band. Clicking on a line in the table will show additional details about the transmitters involved in generating that specific product.

intermod_resultsIntermodulation Map Study

intermod_mapThe program can plot areas where possible interference may exist due to inter-modulation products within a reference station’s coverage area. To do this, the user defines a reference station that can be specified manually by supplying the transmitter parameters including the coordinates, frequency, ERP and antenna pattern or this information can loaded from the FM or TV database. The database is then searched for all nearby stations. The user can optionally supply information on stations located anywhere within the reference station’s coverage area that would not be found in the FM or TV databases. The program will determine where these stations have strong signals and where inter-modulation products will fall on the reference station’s frequency. A map is generated highlighting, in red, the areas where inter-modulation may be an issue.

A detailed printed report that shows which stations are contributing at any geographic location can be generated by clicking on an interference point on the map.

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