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Introducing Terrain-3D™
3D Visualization Software

Product Description
Terrain-3D Applications Page – See many of T3D’s uses and features.
Sample Maps

T3DSTL Path in Colorado

Product Description:


Our newest propagation prediction program, Terrain-3D (T-3D™ ) uses OpenGL graphics technology to model RF signals from 20 to 20,000 MHz over a true-to-life 3-D terrain graphic. Use your mouse to effortlessly rotate or tilt your view or use the terrain animate feature to watch the terrain data come to life as it gently rotates to enhance your view. Terrain-3D is the ultimate visualization tool for the broadcast engineer. It’s interactive 3D environment yields a truly unique way to visualize terrain and coverage in 3D.

Terrain-3D’s user friendly interface incorporates 3D terrain visualization with Longley/Rice signal calculation, FCC & PTP contour calculation, STL path analysis, graphical census information display, shadow depth display, and many other features all in one stand alone package.  Be sure to check out the Terrain-3D Applications Page, which contains a narrated tour of many of T-3D’s features.

Using our World-Wide terrain databases this program can be used anywhere in the world.

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