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Minimum Spacings Allocations Program *

                 * This program uses data from the V-Soft FM database to provide a given Translator’s required HAAT distance separations under Sec 73.807 of the Rules.  A local terrain elevation database is not required. (Values in the columns are metric kilometers.)


SEARCHFM ia an excellent allocation tool for FM broadcast allocation work. This Windows program is bursting with useful features which include the ability to instantly display graphics and tabular representations of any channel.

SEARCHFM produces fine U.S. maps on which the FCC’s minimum separations are plotted. It takes just a glance at the computer screen to determine if a drop-in exists. You can page from one channel in your study to the next, across the entire FM band if you wish. Zoom in on a possible transmitter site or use the speedy automatic search feature.

You can also display a map with AM tower sites plotted so that you can determine whether potential FM sites will require coordination with an AM station.

SearchFM Drop-in Feature


SEARCHFM can find drop-ins anywhere up to ~200 km from your study site. The program provides extensive modeling capabilities making it easy to do a series of “What ifs…” by changing the location, class or channel of the reference station or any station in the search database.

Click your mouse at a new location on the map and SEARCHFM will move the map center and your reference station’s site to where you clicked.  Send a map in full color with a tabular print-out on the same page to your printer.  SEARCHFM’s screen displays are resolution sensitive allowing you to set the program’s window sizes while the map and screen fonts automatically size for your selection. Multiple windows can be opened. Changing the information in any window, such as as channel or class, will automatically update the data in all the other open windows.

SEARCHFM’s tabular printouts are sort ordered so the worst overlap always shows up first. The program produces several additional print-out reports including a useful channel by channel “preclusion study” and a “long form” print-out which provides three lines of information about each station.

SEARCHFM automatically evaluates the spacing requirements between US and Canadian and US and Mexican stations. The program also contains spacing tables to evaluate shortspaced stations. SEARCHFM can even search for translator openings.

For a sample of SEARCHFM’s output, click one of the PDF links below:

Standard spacings printout.  (PDF)

Standard spacings preclusion printout.  (PDF)

Minimum spacings map and combined tabular.  (PDF)

The latest FCC database comes packaged with every SEARCHFM program as well as a built-in, powerful FCC database editor and query screen. We have a complete technical support program to support SEARCHFM and all the other V-Soft Communications programs . This includes unlimited use of our toll-free WATS line and unlimited access to with program updates as they happen.  Fresh database downloads are available every day from our clients access web-page. Call our offices to find out more. SEARCHFM can be upgraded to FMCommander at any time by paying the difference in price.

You will find operating SEARCHFM personally satisfying and perhaps even richly rewarding!

SEARCHFM™ Features Listing

  • Instant paging from one channel to the next across the whole FM band
  • Automatic tracking automatically finds available channels
  • Channel displays/print-outs are sort ordered by separation overlap
  • Long detailed print-outs or short form print-outs
  • Summarizes reports detailing precluded channels at given location
  • Switch separation tables from previous to current to proposed
  • Evaluates all classes including the new L1, L2 and C0 classes and even D (translators)
  • Intermixes US Mexican and Canadian minimum spacings in same display/print-out
  • Changes study class instantly without re-doing study
  • Automatically downgrade all class C stations to a C0 class if the station’s HAAT is less than 450 meters.
  • Click the mouse at a new screen location and your reference station moves there
  • Move database stations with two clicks to the map
  • Calculate I.F. relationships including channel-six TV versus channel 253
  • Changes database station parameters to model “What ifs…”
  • Instantly exchanges reference coordinates with a database station coordinates
  • Vivid color graphics screen separation map studies complete with cities
  • Click a city marker to find the name of the city and its state
  • Scaling function allows zooming in or out at a possible transmitter site
  • Display scales distance from from .5 to 100 km per inch
  • Windows screen features tabular display next to map display
  • Major text and map windows are resizable – fonts resize automatically
  • Click the cities button to see cities from database of over 32,000 cities
  • Turn on or off automatic call letter labeling
  • User initiated graphics token markers
  • Print out a graphics map and tabular listings on the same page
  • Prints out minimum to maximum channel studies (i.e. co and adjacent channels plus I.F.s)
  • Prints out all FM stations within a certain distance when requested (FM within)
  • Personalizes print-outs with corporate name header line
  • Produces plotter files for channel separation and “white area” studies
  • Packaged with the complete and most recent FCC FM database
  • Database screen links to full FCC database for extended researching
  • Comes with complete instruction manual and on-line hyper-text help

Note: this program is not designed to perform contour-to-contour allocation studies, for that please consider FMCommander.

For more information gives us a call at 319 266-8402 and we can answer your questions.

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