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Conductivity is a stand alone program that receives measured field strength data as input and determines conductivity values along an azimuth required to match the measured data.  It provides an accurate way of handling AM station field strength readings to ultimately determine a derived ground conductivity in a given direction for a given station. The program has many uses including providing a quick and accurate way of determining real ground conductivity which may be less than the FCC’s M3 ground conductivity curves and can therefore be used in increasing the stations radiated power in a given direction.

Conductivity was thoroughly beta tested by a group of AM consulting engineers who each had input to the final program’s design.

Measured Data and Ground Conductivity Plot ScreenHere is some sample hard copy output from the program:

Printout #1 (PDF),    Printout #2 (PDF)

The screen shown below is the input screen.  Data can be input by keyboard or it can be loaded from CSV (comma delimited) files.

Conductivity can select a station from the FCC’s AM database or the station’s parameters can be entered from scratch.

Once the measured data is entered, Conductivity can produce a new antenna pattern based on the measured data.

Conductivity can handle multiple data collections along each radial, for example the user can enter the DA and the omni single-tower measurements associated with a particular azimuth. The program can calculate the ratios between such data sets.

The “conductivity” screen is shown above.  Once the measured points have been entered, the program can automatically determine the conductivity breaks along the given radial using the measured data.  In the screen above, the 30 degree azimuth was examined and the inverse field was calculated.

The window above allows the user to easily select between measured radials to be graphed. The program users a complete (What you see, is what you get.) WYSIWYG interface with the graph.  The user can create text boxes, text and arrows on the graph surface to provide easy to read legends.

The program’s “Export” function will save the measured/finalized ground conductivity values to a “transmitter” file that can be directly loaded into V-Soft Communication’s premier AM allocations and mapping program AM-Pro.

Conductivity is the ideal program for working with AM station measured field data.

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