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From preparing basic coverage maps, as seen in our galleries, to AM, FM, TV, STL, Microwave,  DTV and LPTV engineering work our Doug Vernier Telecommunications Consulting division (DVT) can help.

Doug Vernier, owner and principal engineer, is a seasoned broadcast engineering consultant. He has been in the business for well over 30 years and has a life-time certification from the Society of Broadcast Engineers as a “Professional Broadcast Engineer.” Doug is regularly called on to deliver presentations within his expertise at broadcast engineering conferences throughout the U.S.  (View the bottom of this page for various presentations.)

Pictured from left to right, Kate English, Doug Vernier and John Gray

Doug Vernier is our president and senior broadcast engineer/technical consultant. Kate English is one of our technical consultants who can help you in your work with the FCC. John Gray is our director of research and development. Our clients are numerous, from virtually every state in the country. Whether you require a new frequency or an upgrade for an existing station the consulting staff can help you. Call us to discuss your broadcast engineering projects (800 743-3684.)

The following is a list of services we regularly provide:

Coverage maps

  1. FCC standard FCC predicted signal contour levels AM, FM, TV, DTV, LPTV, LPFM and communication stations.
  2. Longley-Rice coverage maps using numerous more sophisticated routines for best “real world” predictions.” (Other propagation prediction methods are available including Okamura/Cost Hatta and line-of-sight Shadow.)

Maps can be provided with underling topography, road/streets and political boundaries (large file), land cover or population scatter-gram.

Ethnic origin, household and population demographics analyses

Interference maps

  1. Standard FCC contour overlap or U/D interference area representations
  2. FM radio Longley-Rice or TIREM defined coverage areas with interference areas subtracted; including population analysis.
  3. DTV incoming or outgoing interference analysis using FCC prescribed OET 69 methodology
  4. Client select interference analysis based on specific receiver specifications

Frequency searches

  1. FM spacings channel studies
  2. FM contour to contour non-commercial educational, translator and Section 73.215 shortspace studies.
  3. DTV, NTSC, LPTV, TV translator and Class A channel studies
  4. AM allocation frequency searches
  5. STL Frequency Coordination

FCC applications and engineering

  1. DTV upgrade projects and new station applications
  2. FM upgrade projects and new station applications
  3. AM upgrade Projects
  4. FM and TV Channel allocation petitions
  5. Due diligence for sales or purchases
  6. Station site moves studies and FCC applications
  7. First/second service analysis (307B) and mapping
  8. Calculation of population within FCC contour overlaps
  9. Demographic analysis of market service.
  10. License applications
  11. TV analog and digital translator, FM translator engineering and applications
  12. FM and TV booster stations
  13. S.T.L. path analysis, frequency searches and applications

Site Evaluations

  1. Examine signal coverage and penetration
  2. Coverage improvement projects
  3. FM and TV Field strength measurements

Stations watch and alert service

  1. Monthly mailed channel-studies of client’s stations to alert against interference or competitive filings
  2. Alerts by telephone

Auction support

  1. Auction support with regard to coverage and market analysis
  2. Post auction FCC filings

Station Audits

  1. Equipment evaluations
  2. Studio upgrade audits

For specific price quotes call 800 743-3684 and tell us about your project.

Expert Witness

The software you see elsewhere on this site was developed by Doug and his staff for use in numerous broadcasting engineering consulting projects completed over the years.

Technical Papers and Presentations

NAB Engineering Handbook 11th edition, Chapter #1.2, Fundamentals of Broadcast Coverage

Madison Broadcasters Clinic, 2022 – Visualizing Radio Propagation Through Prediction

Madison Broadcasters Clinic, 2014 – Status of the AM, FM and TV Bands (and their interference)

Nuts and Bolts of FM Allocations, SBE Webinar Link – 2012

Creative Strategies for Translators and Boosters, SBE Webinar Link- 2011

Madison Broadcasters Clinic, 2011 –FM Translators and Boosters PowerPoint -PDF

LightSquared, 4G/LTE and GPS (9/2011, Waterloo Technical Society (WTS) – PowerPoint -PDF

Propagation Prediction White Paper PDF

NAB Handbook 10th Edition – Propagation Character of Radio Waves (See Chapter 1.8)

Broadcast Propagation Quick Review, Presented to the WTC, 2010 PowerPoint

IBOC Host-Interference (Paper presented at PREC at NAB in Austin,TX – PDF)

Digital Radio (IBOC) Coverage and Interference PowerPoint – PDF

Midwest Broadcasters Clinic 2003 – Download zipped PowerPoint Presentation – DTV INTERFERENCE – OET-69

Midwest Broadcasters Clinic Paper on FM band interference – PDF

Iowa DTV Symposium, 2002,  OET 69 Process: Why it doesn’t always work, Case Studies

V-Soft Communications interference related filing to the FCC – PDF

For a price quote or more information on V-Soft broadcast engineering consulting services, e-mail “consulting at V-Soft.com“.

Call us at 800 743-3684.

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