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Probe Digital and Analog TV and LPTV analysis – The OET-69 module

(Now updated to match the FCC’s TVStudy “repacking” Program output, use this link for more information.)

V-Soft’s Probe 5 software application with the OET-69 options module is the perfect program to determine if certain TV channels qualify for use.

Our Probe propagation prediction program is in common use at Industry Canada for determining domestic and cross-border DTV interference.  The program is also used by the FCC’s Office of Engineering Technology.

Probe 5’s OET-69 DTV analysis module will perform both outgoing and incoming interference studies. The screen below shows one of the set-up wizard screens Probe 5 uses for outgoing DTV analysis:

OET 69 Television Interference Options ScreenThe map below shows a sample digital LPTV outgoing study of channel 15.  This channel was selected for illustration because the reference LPTV station causes considerable interference to a full service station and its construction permit.

Probe 5 delivers a full report as to the percentage of masked interference caused (interference masked by other stations’ interference) and the unmasked interference caused (masked interference areas and population are subtracted). The percentage of interference population is calculated against the total of the affected station’s ‘noise limited’ contour population for digital stations or the grade B contour for analog LPTV station.

OET 69 Pop Report Screen Shot(Click here to see a the complete report in PDF format.)

The following map shows interference coming in to the noise limited contour of WVPT-DT.

The graphic below shows an edited text report that Probe 5 provides for the incoming interference study:

Click this link to view a PDF of the entire report.

The Probe 5 DTV options module is the perfect module to do your “what ifs”, such as, “What happens if I change the pattern or rotate it, or lower the antenna height or ERP?”  To do this you only need to edit your reference station record and the program will recalculate the entire study without your having to start over with a new study. This is a great time saver.

We also make available a Windows version of the FCC’s TVStudy DTV analysis program.

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